SGB Corporation is one of the world's best advanced technical foreign exchange platforms. SGB Corporation 是全球最优秀的高级技术型外汇平台之一。

SGB Corporation team has an average of 14 years of foreign exchange and technical experience and is widely recognized and trusted. 并且 SGB 团队拥有平均 14 年的外汇和技术经验,深受广泛认知与信任。

SGB Corporation operates in Asia Pacific and Australia, and strives to serve all SGB members, including China, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and many other countries. SGB 在亚太区以及澳大利亚运营,力求服务满足与所有 SGB 会员,包括中国,泰国,台湾,新加坡,马来西亚,印度尼西亚多个国家。


The foreign exchange market is an international capital speculation market, and the foreign exchange market is the world's largest financial market. 外汇市场作为一个国际性的资本投机市场,外汇交易市场是世界上最大的金融市场。

In the foreign exchange market, transactions are carried out almost 24 hours a day, and the transaction volume is huge. It is estimated that the scale of about 6 trillion US dollars per day, with a maximum of 10 trillion US dollars. 外汇市场几乎全天候 24 小时都有交易在进行,且交易量庞大 估计每天约有 6 万亿美元的规模,最高到达 10 万亿美元。外汇是全球股票市场加起来总和的 6 倍,是全球期货市场加起来的 18 倍。

The combination of blockchain technology and finance is not accidental. In simple terms, the blockchain is a distributed shared ledger and database, with the characteristics of decentralization, non tampering, traces throughout, and traceability.

Finance is a cooperation based on trust. These characteristics of the blockchain lay the foundation for creating trust. Blockchain technology is of great significance in solving financial problems such as high credit risk, low capital utilization efficiency, and high payment processing costs.

Bullion itself is a valuable commodity, and the price of bullion will rise with inflation, that is, bullion offsets the loss of inflation, ensuring that the assets of bullion investors will not be eroded by inflation.

Bullion is not a trading product exclusive to a certain country, but a trading product that is popular worldwide. Therefore, when the bullion market of one country is closed, the bullion market of another country on the opposite side of the earth is opening. Due to the continuous trading time around the world, gold has active quotes within 24 hours, so it can be traded at any time. When the stock market closes, bullion investors can still capture various investment opportunities for trading operations, which can turn every minute of the world's changes into real profits

贵金属不是专属于某个国家的交易品种,而是全球通行的交易产品。因此当一个国家的贵金属市场休市,地球对面另一个国家的贵金属市场正在开市,由于全球各地的交易时间连成一线, 24 小时内贵金属都有活跃的报价,因此可以随时进行交易。当股票市场收市后,贵金属投资者仍能捕捉各种投资机会进行交易操作,可以把世界每一分钟的变动化为实实在在的盈利。

Private equity is a strategic partner of a private equity institution as an enterprise. It can deeply participate in the daily management of the enterprise. It has a dominant management advantage over the future of the enterprise and development.

Individuals can indirectly participate in corporate Equity investment has a strong initiative.


Integrity First 诚信至上
Honesty is the basic value. The ancients said: "The unvarnished truth is better than a cunning ruse." That's what it's like to be a human being, and so is doing business.read more... 诚信为基本价值观。古人云:“巧诈不如拙诚”。做人如此,经商亦然。
Virtue First 以德为先
People should be virtuous before he can do anything. Be kind and lenient is the necessary character traits to become broad and massy. Great virtue can carry all the things in the world, whether good or evil.read more.. 人先德而后能。宽仁而厚德,是一个组织、一个个 体走向博大、厚重、巍峨所必备的品格特质。有德,方可载物。
People-oriented 以人为本
People are the first resources of corporation. It is the creator of all wealth.read more... 人是企业的第一资源。人是一切财富的创造者。
Team Cooperation 团队合作
The team determines the success or failure of the company. Individuals are integrated into the team and obey the team, have faith in team.read more... 团队决定企业的成败。个体融于团队,服从于团队,信仰团队。